Location of "Alta Pressão"

Alta Pressão back on Azores islands
Crossing Cape Verde to Azores

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Summer 2012
Charters in Azores Central Group

ANTICICLONE CHARTERS – Skippered catamaran trips in Açores and Cape Verde


Explore the Atlantic islands sailing onboard a comfortable and spacious catamaran


Enjoy the stunning views in close proximity to whales and dolphins


Head for ADVENTURE on the Alantic


Set sail around Macaronesian islands – Açores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde – or simply make for one of them


Discover these Atlantic islands especially the Açores archipelago with Anticiclone Charters run by skipper Miguel Toscano. He has been sailing around Açores for over 15 years and has excellent knowledge of all 9 islands. Sail with a sea lover experienced skipper on a brand-new catamaran built in 2009 and have the best sailing holidays




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